Kitty Cat 11 uh huh honey, *******************************GIVEAWAY...

*******************************GIVEAWAY ************************************

I haven’t worn these shirts in a very long time and I feel like someone would get better use out of them! 

-This giveaway end on May 31st
-Reblogs are preferred. 
However, likes are accepted
-Must be following me.
-Brands are: Forever 21, Lucky Brand Jeans, Charlotte Russe, and I’m not sure about the dress.
-The dress is a size 8. The clothes are all medium-large
-I do have a lot of lightly used lucky brand jeans if you’re interested
-Message me if you have any questions! :)

I previously made a post about this, but people showed interest so now this is the actual giveaway! :) 

It's whatever.